Concordia Public Affairs Strategies begins operations in Brazil

Concordia Public Affairs Strategies begins operations in Brazil

Providing Brazil-focused public affairs consulting services to international businesses.

Sao Paulo, Brazil, September 3, 2014:  Concordia Public Affairs Strategies (Concordia) announced today the formal launch of its flagship São Paulo Office.  The Company currently provides Brazil-focused public affairs consulting services to international businesses investing or expanding in the country, government agencies, trade associations, as well as Brazilian and foreign firms already established in the Brazilian market.

“By combining business strategy, regulatory intelligence and public affairs advisory, we assist our clients to anticipate and react to government policies affecting their business operations, long term planning, and even day to day functions,” said Davis Hodge, Partner and Co-founder.

Concordia was specifically created to address an underserved niche in the Brazilian corporate services landscape.  “Government affairs and lobbying in Brazil is emerging from the shadows. Technological advances facilitate collection of increasing amounts of relevant information while fragmenting and democratizing communications pathways. Examining the impact these factors have already had on other leading economies, multinational players demand more sophisticated solutions in Brazil to attend their complex needs,” added Alberto Bueno, Partner and Co-founder.

Prior to founding Concordia, Alberto was Managing Partner at Prospectiva Consulting and a  special advisor to Guilherme Leal, Marina Silva’s running mate in the 2010 Presidential campaign.  Previously he worked as a trade expert at the World Trade Organization and a consultant for McKinsey & Co. in São Paulo and Geneva.  His Partner and Co-founder, Davis Hodge was a public affairs and strategic communications specialist at Kreab Gavin Anderson in New York, Brussels and São Paulo. Before that he worked at the U.S. Council for International Business and the World Bank.



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