Concordia Public Affairs Strategies is an independently owned and operated boutique public affairs and strategic consultancy. Combining sector-specific understanding and expertise with practical experience in management consulting, strategic communications, international relations, and global regulatory affairs, our tailor-made solutions pair in-depth knowledge with productive relationships across state, federal and local government and related agencies, legislatures and judiciaries.

Government affairs and lobbying in Brazil are emerging from the shadows. Technological advances facilitate collection of increasing amounts of relevant information while fragmenting and democratizing communications pathways. Examining the impact these factors have already had on other leading economies, multinational players demand more sophisticated solutions in Brazil to attend their complex needs.


Combining business strategy, regulatory intelligence and public affairs advisory, we assist our clients anticipate and react to government policies affecting their business operations, long term planning, and even day-to-day functioning.


Brazil is and will remain an attractive if not challenging market for companies of all sizes. At Concordia, we believe that private companies have the right to share their insights transparently and innovative approaches with the government and civil society for mutual benefit.